06 August 2009

not exactly lookin' like the car the Green Hornet had...

so, this is my ride for summertime '09 in the AK....

we realized that we needed a rolling storage unit.......after a brief Craigs List courtship, a love affair was borne.....

so much potential in this beast....for hauling and comedic visuals......the air-brushing possibilities alone boggle the mind....


  1. Do you have Foghat on a continuous loop in the van?

  2. Sweet! I'm hoping that's a handlebar mustache.

  3. Did it come with the disco ball package or the creepy Buffalo Bill package from Silence of the Lambs?

  4. My friend used to roll in a van like that.

    He has Down('s) Syndrome.

    Sorry I haven't reached out to you in a while, DK. Hit me on email if you get a chance. I kind of hate telephones anymore.